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  • Gene Network Analysis and Application

    ARAKI, H; Hurley, Daniel; CRAMPIN, E; PRINT, C; KUHARA, S (2011)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    In the post-genome era, with the availability of high-throughput data, our biological focus makes a shift from a behavior of individual components to their regulatory/causative/interactive relationships. Gene network, which is inferred from microarray data by using reverse engineering algorithms, gives valuable information about the regulation of genes in the living cells under the certain conditions. In particular, this technology is applied to the biomedical research fields, e.g. identification of drug targets and prognosis markers. In this short review, we summarize what gene network is and how it is inferred. We also show our work that identified new drug target of well-known compound in human endothelial cells by gene network analysis.

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