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  • Impact on Patient Outcomes: Evaluation of Waitemata DHB's Medicine Use Review Service.

    Bye, Lynne; Ali, A; Clark, T; Davis, K; Hong, Y; Crump, K; Harrison, J (2010-12-08)

    Conference item
    The University of Auckland Library

    Medicine Use Review (MUR) is a medication counselling and adherence support service involving an initial consultation with an accredited pharmacist and two follow-ups over one year which is funded by the Waitemata District Health Board (WDHB) in NZ. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of the WDHB MUR service on the outcomes of care for enrolled patients. METHOD: The study population was 493 patients enrolled into the WDHB MUR service from October 2007 to August 2010. Service documentation, EuroQol questionnaire (1), pharmacist interview and hospital admission data were evaluated. Medicine related problems (MRPs) identified, interventions recommended and reported outcomes were collated and coded using a modification of the PCNE (Drug Related Problem classification) (2). The interview data was analysed using a general inductive theme analysis. RESULTS: From a sample of 477 patients, 1595 MRPS were identified with the majority being fully resolved. Quality of life (QOL) scores increased from the initial consultation to follow-up two. Hospital admissions and length of stay decreased between the year before MUR and two years following. Themes from the interview included; increased adherence, improved ability to self-manage medicines and decreased General Practice visits. DISCUSSION: The WDHB MUR service has been shown to resolve MRPs, improve QOL and reduce hospitalisations. 1. Brooks R. EuroQol: The current state of play. Health policy. 1996;37. 2. Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe Foundation. The PCNE Classification V 5.01. 2006.

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