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  • Generating Fire Dynamics Simulator geometrical input using an IFC-based building information model

    Dimyadi, J.A.W.; Spearpoint, M.J.; Amor, R. (2007)

    Journal Articles
    University of Canterbury Library

    Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) is an advanced simulation tool used by fire engineers. The work described in this paper enables geometrical information to be transferred to the simulation tool using the IFC building information model. A parser tool has been developed to extract fire engineering related information from the IFC model and a web-based application has been created to generate FDS input files. Several test case geometries have been used to verify the current capability of the transfer process.

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  • Sharing Building Information using the IFC Data Model for FDS Fire Simulation

    Dimyadi, Johannes; Spearpoint, M.; Amor, R. (2008)

    Conference paper

    This paper describes part of a research project that looks into the potential and challenge of using the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) open standard building information model in fire engineering design. In particular the paper describes work undertaken to share building geometry and other information with the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) fire simulation model. A commercially available building information modeling (BIM) authoring application has been used to create building geometries and export IFC data files. A web-based conversion tool has been created to generate FDS input data given the output from a dedicated fire engineering IFC parser tool. The capabilities and outcome of data sharing process is illustrated in this paper using a simple test case building.

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