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  • Delivering Sustainable Infrastructure that Supports the Urban Built Environment

    Boyle, Carol; Mudd, G; Mihelcic, JR; Anastas, P; Collins, T; Culligan, P; Edwards, M; Gabe, Jeremy; Galligher, P; Handy, S; Kao, JJ; Krumdiek, S; Lyles, LD; Mason, I; McDowall, R; Pierce, A; Riedy, C; Russell, J; Schnoor, J; Trotz, M; Venables, R; Zimmerman, JB; Fuchs, V; Miller, S; Page, S; Reeder-Emmory, K (2010-06)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    Major shifts in planning, decision making and implementation will be needed to deliver sustainable infrastructure that can meet the needs of future societies. This paper, the outcome of a US National Science Foundation funded workshop, outlines issues and priorities for research into sustainable infrastructure related to the urban built environment. Two main research themes were developed by the group. The first focuses on understanding the fundamentals and complexity of sustainable infrastructure, including the dynamics and function of increasingly complex human systems, the nature and dynamics of sustainable systems, and the roles of environmental, social, technological, institutional and economic systems. The second theme addressed developments in sustainable infrastructure, including reducing green house gas emission and addressing changing climatic conditions, sustainable materials, techniques and technologies for the construction of sustainable infrastructure and delivering integrated, resilient infrastructure for large, high density populations. New perspectives, technologies and behaviours are needed to drive the innovations required to meet the future needs of an expanding society. The research directions developed in this workshop were viewed as only the beginning of a long pathway to sustainable infrastructures, cities and societies.

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