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  • Pacific peoples and tertiary education: issues of participation

    Benseman, John; Anae, Melani; Anderson, Helen; Coxon, Eve (2002)


    The purpose of this research study was, therefore, to gather qualitative information on the actual and perceived barriers to participation in tertiary education and training for Pacific peoples. The study had a particular mission to develop an understanding of the experiences and perceptions of Pacific communities, in order to inform future policies aimed at addressing barriers to Pacific people’s participation in tertiary education and training. Specific areas for the project to investigate included: • current participation patterns and steps taken in different tertiary education institutions to identify and remove barriers; • the views of Pacific peoples who have participated successfully in tertiary education, those who have participated but not completed their studies, and those who have not participated in tertiary education; and • the views of a range of Pacific community members, including the families of potential students as to why some have succeeded and the barriers to students’ participation. The following assumptions were made in designing the research: • that ‘tertiary education’ includes universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and private training establishments (PTEs); • that Pacific peoples can enter tertiary education both as school-leavers and as mature-age adults, and that the research needs to address these groups as taking different routes with different accompanying issues; • that the term ‘Pacific peoples’ contains considerable cultural and historical diversity which will need to be addressed in appropriate ways by the researchers; and • that there are already in existence successful programmes and strategies in this area and that it is important to document and analyse these success stories as part of this project

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  • Investigating Location Effects in a Multicultural Teacher Education Programme

    Stephenson, Maxine; Anderson, Helen; Rio, Nane; Millward, Pamela (2009)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    This study investigated student perceptions of the significance of having a teacher education programme located in a culturally and ethnically diverse community in New Zealand. Four successive student cohorts were interviewed each year of their teacher preparation, and also during their first year of employment. Students identified location as a major source of the programme's strength, both for pragmatic reasons, such as providing access to tertiary study, and for reasons of community dynamics. The students noted a sense of familiarity and community that was a source of unity and strength in shaping their engagement with the institution. They indicated also that the diverse student group was a rich resource in preparing them for teaching careers in diverse urban schools. The evidence presented in the study suggests that attention to location of teacher education programmes may be an important factor in addressing imperatives for teacher educators in today's increasingly multi-ethnic, multicultural, multiracial, multi-religious and multilingual classrooms.

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