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  • "A girls' game - and a good one too" A critical analysis of New Zealand netball.

    Andrew, Geoffrey (1997)

    Masters thesis
    University of Canterbury Library

    This thesis is an analysis of the role of netball in New Zealand society. It examines the question of whether netball was able to achieve hegemony over women's sports in New Zealand by confronting male domination of sport and society, or by accepting such domination and adapting itself accordingly. There is also an examination of the reasons why netball's sibling, basketball, proved to be less successful in New Zealand than netball. The first chapter is a narrative of the development of netball, both internationally and in New Zealand. The second is an analysis of how and why participation in netball has changed through time. The third chapter examines the basis for netball's hegemony among women's sports in New Zealand. The last chapter examines further reasons for netball's hegemony and how the basis of this hegemony has changed and been eroded.

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