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  • Effects of altered auditory feedback (AAF) on stuttering frequency during monologue speech production

    Antipova, EA; Purdy, Suzanne; Blakeley, M; Williams, S (2008)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    The present study investigated the immediate effects of eight altered auditory feedback (AAF) parameters on stuttering frequency during monologue speech production on two occasions. One of the modern commercially available portable anti-stuttering devices, “The Pocket Speech Lab” (Casa Futura Technologies®) was used in the study to produce the auditory feedback alterations. Six types of combined delayed auditory feedback (DAF) and frequency shifted auditory feedback (FAF) and two types of DAF alone were tested for eight participants aged 16–55 years, with stuttering severity ranging from mild to severe. The present study found that AAF is an effective means to reduce stuttering frequency during monologue speech production. All eight AAF experimental conditions reduced stuttering frequency, however, there was substantial variability in the stuttering reduction effect across experimental conditions and across participants. There was also instability in stuttering reduction across the two testing sessions. On average, a 75 ms time delay on its own and a combination of the 75 ms time delay and a half octave downward frequency shift were found to be more effective than other combinations of AAF parameters that were investigated.

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