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  • Pacific Community Mental Health Nurses' Experiences of Working for a District Health Board in New Zealand

    Apelu, Jacinta (2008)

    Masters thesis
    Victoria University of Wellington

    As meeting the mental health needs of the Pacific people living in New Zealand has become a major focus for providers and District Health Boards since deinstitulisation, so is the significance of mental health care delivery for the Pacific minority. Pacific community mental health (PCMH) nursing as a means of healthcare delivery is a fairly new and unknown practice domain. The fact that no studies have been carried out to explore nursing in this field makes this an area that requires an understanding. This understanding will, in turn, enhance knowledge embedded in PCMH nursing and helps reduce practice constraints. This study explored the perspectives of Pacific nurses on what it is like for them to work in a PCMH service within a District Health Board. Five Pacific Island nurses who worked in the three Pacific Community Mental Health services based in the Auckland region participated in the project. The study employed narrative inquiry to gather data through focused storytelling method. The results of the study have indicated that PCMH nursing is a unique nursing field as well as highlight significant practice issues for nurses. Complex service infrastructure and language have been found to be the major contributing practice constraints. The findings suggest the need for District Health Board authorities, Pacific Mental Health service management, professional nursing education and development programs to consider addressing these practice issues to prevent further increase in the problem of PCMH nurses shortage and enhance recruitment and retention of these nurses.

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