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  • What’s my Role? Role Perception Issues within a Business Process Outsourcing Software Company.

    Appleton, Gabrielle (2011)

    Scholarly text
    Victoria University of Wellington

    Business process outsourcing of IT solutions is a common and well embedded practice in many businesses. There has been much research into the aspects of the relationships between businesses and their BPO IT partners that make these relationships successful. Very little research has, however, been undertaken at the lower level of relationships between the specialist professional groups within the BPO IT firms, and how these relationships are affected by the roles each group plays. This paper explores these ideas using qualitative research methods within a current BPO IT firm to expose the key issues. Analysis of these themes is provided, and a model of roles and relationships for the professional groups that operate within such firms is proposed that combines the key attributes of the roles, the key relationships involved and the role each group plays within those relationships. Finally, recommendations are made as to the improvement of current practices to align behaviours with the proposed model.

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