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  • Analytic AGM Revision

    Areces, C; Becher, V (2000-06)

    The University of Auckland Library

    Since they were introduced, AGM revision and Katsuno and Mendel- zon's update have been considered esentially di erent theory change operations serving di erent purposes. This work provides a new pre- sentation of AGM revision based on the update semantic apparatus establishing in such a way a bridge between the two seemingly incom- parable frameworks. We de ne a new operation as a variant of the standard update that we call an analytic revision. We prove the correspondence between analytic revisions and (transitively relational) AGM revisions when a given xed theory is considered (Theorem 4.8). Furthermore, we can characterize analytic revision functions for possibly in nite languages as those AGM revisions satisfying (K*1)-(K*8) plus two new postu- lates (LU-9) and (LU-8) governing the revision of di erent theories (Theorem 5.3). We believe these results bring new light to the issue of how revision and update functions are related. They also provide a novel way to achieve iterated theory revision.

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