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  • Monitoring of viral cancer progression using FTIR-Microscopy: a comparative study of intact cells and tissues

    Bogomolny, Evgeny; Argov, S; Mordechai, S; Huleihel, S (2008)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy (FTIR-MSP) is an analytical method with a promising potential for detecting the spectral changes due to cancerous changes in cells. The purpose of the present study is monitoring biochemical spectral changes accompanying viral cancer progression in cells and tissues using FTIR-MSP. As a model system, we used cells in culture which were transformed to malignant cells by infection with murine sarcoma virus (MuSV) and cervical tissues at different neoplastic stages. In order to devise a systematic follow-up of the cancer progression, it was essential first to determine and validate consistent and significant spectral biomarkers, which can evidently discriminate between normal and cancerous cells/tissues. Then these biomarkers were used for the characterization and classification of early stages of malignant transformation utilizing discriminant classification function techniques.

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