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  • Stabilization of amorphous GaN by oxygen

    Budde, F.; Ruck, B.J.; Koo, A.; Granville, S.; Trodahl, H.J.; Bittar, A.; Williams, G.V.M.; Ariza, M.J.; Bonnet, B.; Jones, D.J.; Metson, J.B.; Rubanov, S.; Munroe, P. (2005)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    An open access copy of this article is available and complies with the copyright holder/publisher conditions. We have investigated experimentally the structure of disordered GaN films. The results suggest that it is not possible to stabilize an amorphous network in stoichiometric films, and the GaN instead consists of random-stacked nanocrystals of some 3-nm diameter. However, incorporation of 15% or more oxygen stabilizes an amorphous phase, which we attribute to the presence of nontetrahedral bonds centered on oxygen. The ionic favorability of heteropolar bonds and its strikingly simple constraint to even-membered rings are the likely causes of the instability of stoichiometric a-GaN.

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