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  • Bis(metallaethynyl) Ketones: Synthesis and Structure of {(Ph₃P)AuC≡C}₂CO and Attempted Transmetalation: Formation and Structure of [1,3-{Ru(dppe)Cp}₂{c-COC(OMe)CHCCH}]PF₆

    Armitt, David J.; Bruce, Michael I.; Morris, Jonathan C.; Nicholson, Brian K.; Parker, Christian R.; Skelton, Brian W.; Zaitseva, Natasha N. (2011)

    Journal article
    University of Waikato

    The bis(metallaethynyl) ketone {(Ph₃P)AuC≡C}₂CO (1), obtained from (Me₃SiC≡C)₂CO, AuCl(PPh₃), and NaOMe, forms an Au•••Au-bonded dimer in the solid state (Au•••Au = 2.9825(3) Å). The ES-MS contains ions [2M + X]⁺ (X = Na, K, Au), but the lack of the ion [2M]⁺ and NMR evidence suggest that the dimeric structure is not preserved in solution. Compound 1 reacts with RuCl(dppe)Cp to afford the unusual dimetal-substituted pyrylium complex [1,3-{Ru(dppe)Cp}₂{c-COC(OMe)CHCCH}]PF₆ (2). The molecular structure of 2 is also reported, together with a proposed route for its formation.

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