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  • Te Aka Roa o Te Oranga, the far reaching vines of wellness: The development of a framework to evaluate alcohol and drug treatment for Māori

    Robertson, Paul; Pitama, Suzanne; Eramiha, Titaria; Harris, Annette; Armstrong, Pam; Fraser, Todd; Huriwai, Terry (2003)

    Conference item
    University of Waikato

    The impact of alcohol and other drug problems for Māori is well documented. Substance use has been implicated in a range of physical and mental health problems, and a variety of negative social statistics such as high rates of imprisonment. To date there has been little systematic documentation of treatment practices, and limited operationalisation of Māori health frameworks. The evaluation of the outcomes of alcohol and other drug treatments is an area in which there is a paucity of documentation, in terms of methods and frameworks for evaluation, and actual data. Te Aka Roa O Te Oranga (TAROTO) was developed from a range of projects undertaken by the National Addiction Centre. The TARATO evaluation framework embraces a holistic perspective: developed to examine the interaction between the client, whānau, practitioner, and service/organisation. The aim of the framework is to clarify the complex relationships and interactions between stakeholders within the context of treatment. It will also help to elucidate the strengths and weaknesses of individual services. Within this framework, a range of indicators and outcomes of “successful treatment” will be explored. The current project is the first phase of a broader project that will make a significant contribution to improvements in Māori health via further developing effective treatments of alcohol and other drug related problems.

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