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  • The PLATO Dome A Site-Testing Observatory: Instrumentation and First Results

    Yang, H; Allen, GR; Ashley, MC; Bonner, CS; Bradley, Stuart; Cui, X; Everett, JR; Feng, L; Gong, X; Hengst, S; Hu, J; Jiang, Z; Kulesa, CA; Lawrence, JS; Li, Y; Luong-Van, D; McCaughrean, MJ; Moore, AM; Pennypacker, C; Qin, W; Riddle, R; Shang, Z; Storey, JW; Sun, B; Suntzeff, N; Tothill, NF; Travouillon, T; Walker, CK; Wang, L; Yan, J; Yang, J; York, D; Yuan, X; Zhang, XG; Zhang, Z; Zhou, X; Zhou, Z (2009)

    Journal article
    The University of Auckland Library

    The PLATeau Observatory (PLATO) is an automated self-powered astrophysical observatory that was deployed to Dome A, the highest point on the Antarctic plateau, in 2008 January. PLATO consists of a suite of site-testing instruments designed to quantify the benefits of the Dome A site for astronomy, and science instruments designed to take advantage of the unique observing conditions. Instruments include CSTAR, an array of optical telescopes for transient astronomy; Gattini, an instrument to measure the optical sky brightness and cloud cover statistics; DASLE, an experiment to measure the statistics of the meteorological conditions within the near-surface layer; Pre-HEAT, a submillimeter tipping radiometer measuring the atmospheric transmission and water vapor content and performing spectral line imaging of the Galactic plane; and Snodar, an acoustic radar designed to measure turbulence within the near-surface layer. PLATO has run completely unattended and collected data throughout the winter 2008 season. Here we present a detailed description of the PLATO instrument suite and preliminary results obtained from the first season of operation.

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