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  • Inventory of Pacific Research at Victoria University of Wellington 1999-2005

    Fairbairn-Dunlop, Peggy; Asmar, Christine; Teaiwa, Teresia; Davidson-Toumu'a, Ruth (2006)

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    Victoria University of Wellington

    This inventory seeks to document the range of research interests and activities taking place on Pacific topics at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW). It has emerged out of a collaboration between the Office of Research and Postgraduate Studies, and the Programme in Pacific Studies. The inventory aims to provide an informed basis for the strategic development of Pacific research and teaching at VUW, through the newly established unit, Va'aomana Pasifika. By "Pacific" we mean the most inhabited portions of the Pacific basin. At times, reference may be made to "Pacific people": by this we mean people who trace descent to andtor are citizens of any of the territories commonly understood to be part of the Pacific (i.e., Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia). Alternative terms that may appear in the inventory include: "Pasifika", "Pasefika", "Pasifiki". These are respectively generic Polynesian, and specifically Samoan and Tongan variations on the word "Pacific". The terms "Asia-Pacific" or "Asia Pacific" arise occasionally: we understand that the terms do not always coincide with our emphasis on the Pacific basin and Pacific peoples, and for the most part privilege nations and peoples on the "Pacific Rim". However, we are also aware that some permutations of "Asia-Pacific" at W are more conscientiously engaged with the Pacific basin. We have allowed for the benefit of the doubt in most cases. In this inventory, distinction is made between academic staff who are "Pacific by ethnicity" and academic staff who are "Pacific by interest". Academic staff who are actively engaged in research on Pacific topics may not trace their ancestry to Pacific nations, while academic staff who are "Pacific by ethnicity" may not necessarily be conducting research on Pacific topics. This inventory does not include exclusively Maori research. Inventories of Maori research activity and services at W have already been undertaken through the office of Toiahurei, the Pro Vice Chancellor Maori at VUW. Finally, this research inventory is limited to the period 1999-2005 because of the restrictions of our staffing and research resources. While it would have been useful to have a more extensive inventory, perhaps reaching back 10 or even 30 years, this was beyond our means at the time and could be a future project. We know that we may not have captured all the Pacific research carried out during this period. We apologise for any omissions and welcome such information to add to and assist grow this inventory data base.

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