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  • Variable-Length Codes for Sources with Equiprobable Symbols

    Assanovich, B; Gunther, Ulrich (1999-05)

    The University of Auckland Library

    Variable-length codes can provide compression for data communication. Such codes may be used not only when the source statistics is known but also when we do not know the source probability distribution, and a source with equal symbol probabilities (equiprobable symbols) can or has to be assumed. This paper presents variable-length codes with code words that differ in length by at most one code symbol. Such codes suit the efficient encoding of sources with equiprobable symbols. We accommodate non-binary codes and present an iterative algorithm for the construction of such codes. We also calculate the average codeword length for such codes, which extends Krichevski's result for binary codes [5]. Finally, we propose a scheme that allows the code to be communicated efficiently from transmitter to receiver.

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