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  • Ultralocal: design proposals for the Kaipatiki project environment centre

    Austin, A; Cooper, F; Kane, D; Kumar, A; Lin, S; Sun, YK; Thorp, S; Anderson, S; Crawcour, H; Gruiters, M; Janpiam, W; Lee, C; Pan, E; Song, A (2011-10-18)

    Creative work
    Auckland University of Technology

    ULTRALOCAL is a collaboration which brings together architectural design works from seven postgraduate students at the University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning, and spatial design works from seven undergraduate students at the AUT University Department of Spatial Design. The work shares the common focus of projecting visions for a new Environment Centre for the Kaipatiki Project, a non-profit community group based on Auckland's North Shore. The Kaipatiki Project currently focuses on environmental education and bush restoration services, and has initiated the design of an Environment Centre to advance its wider vision of 'inspiring communities to live sustainably'.

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