The application of system dynamics in power generation planning

Author: Jalal, T.S.; Bodger, P.

Date: 2009

Publisher: University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering

Type: Conference Contributions - Other

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Background & Introduction: The introduction of power markets in the electric supply industries (ESI) has called for a different approach to system planning and expansion. The traditional monopolistic vertically integrated system has been replaced by competing companies in the generation and retail sectors. Some of the effects on the generation planning process are: Uncertainties are increased since a department that coordinates a national planning ceases to exist Companies are no longer obligated to have generation surplus as the ESI become profit oriented Limited information is disclosed by competing companies, creating imperfect foresight on investments Non-technical factors such as market conditions, economics and social aspects are becoming more significant in building new power plants Based on these impacts, it is difficult for the power generators to decide when to invest in new power plants. Each country has its own unique environment that makes it difficult to simply adopt measures done in other countries. Hence, this study proposes to study the impact of deregulation on power generation capacity growth in New Zealand investigate suitable national policies that will ensure the reliability of the industry

Subjects: Engineering and Technology, Resources Engineering, Resources engineering not elsewhere classified, Policy and Political Science, Policy and Administration, Policy and administration not elsewhere classified, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electrical engineering

Marsden Codes: 290000, 290700, 290799, 360000, 360200, 360299, 290900, 290901

Citation: ["Jalal, T.S., Bodger, P. (2009) The application of system dynamics in power generation planning. Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand: New Zealand Postgraduate Conference (NZPGC), 20-21 Nov 2009."]