World War II Official album. 1669-2114

Author: McIntyre, Peter, 1910-1995

Date: 1941 to 1942

Type: Item

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Photographs of New Zealand military personnel serving in the Middle East and England during World War 2, 1939-1945, taken by various photographers and compiled for official purposes. Many individuals identified in the album are listed above.

Scenes include physical training at the School of Instruction, Maadi Camp; reproductions of paintings by war artist Peter McIntyre (p 1-2, 93); scenes with His Excellency the Governor-General of NZ, Sir Cyril Newall, visiting Samoa and Fiji in 1942 (p 2-7); New Zealand members of ski units including members of the Maori Battalion at the Ninth Army Ski School in Syria; NZEF and Red Cross distribution of flour to Syrian people; parade through Aleppo.

Officers, nursing sisters and Lady Freyberg at Anzac Day service at Maadi Camp in 1942; the visit of the NZ High Commissioner to a "west coast port", William Jordan and officers of NZ ships; arrival of pilots and observers for the RAF; scenes with King George VI & Queen Elizabeth visiting RAF Bomber Command, and the King watching landing exercises in Scotland.

New Zealanders after withdrawing from the Libyan engagement; engineers constructing roads, lines of communication and supply in Transjordan; working with Arabs, reconstructing ancient wells; NZers in Amman.

Group of NZers at Rouen sent back to Germany when arrangement with German authorities for mutual repatriation of prisoners broke down; NZ medical personnel repatriated from Italy to the Middle East under the Geneva Convention (many named); the Duke of Gloucester visiting the NZ camp at Maadi; locomotives being unlaoded on lighters and NZ engineers in their living quarters on the lighters at a Syrian port.

The Pacific War Council in the Cabinet Room at the White House.

Entertainment and sport for NZ troops in the Middle East included cricket, racing, bathing in the Dead Sea, boxing and wrestling championships.

Campaign against malaria, widening and deepening drains; participation at the Western desert battle front; Visit of a party of NZers to a bandit stronghold in Syra (p 62-64); Sergeant James Allen Ward's VC with illustrations (p 71-72); Winston Churchill visiting NZers in the Western Desert (p 77-80, 82); the Alamein front; the NZ General Hospital at Beirut in Syria housed in former French barracks (p 86-90).

A studio party in New York for Unted Servicement; a New York Bond Party; and later, a group of NZers in New York.

RNZAF training in Canada (group portrait); NZers in North Western Alaska, and a group of wireless operators in Canada.

Recipients of awards (named above); Kiwi Concert Party.

Pursuit of the Axis Forces and war material abandoned by Germans and Italians (p 104-125); advance to Tripoli (p 128-138).

Quantity: 1 album(s) Album(s).

Physical Description: Album with faded blue cover, black corners and spine; 34.5 x 22 cm

Subjects: Newall, Cyril Louis Norton Newall, 1st Baron, 1886-1963, Duncan, T E (Private), active 1942, Newton, H (Corporal), -1942, Marunui, Karaati Hone Parai, 1917-1998, Wanoa, Albert Haenga, 1918-1973, Smyth, J R F, active 1942, Anderson, A B, active 1942, Fear, R F, active 1942, Freyberg, Bernard Cyril Freyberg, Baron, 1889-1963, Waite, Frederick, 1885-1952, Falconer, Alexander Smith, 1892-1966, MacCormick, Kenneth (Brigadier), 1891-1963, Nutsey, Emily Mary, 1887-1953, Freyberg, Barbara, Baroness, -1973, Jordan, William Joseph, 1879-1959, Weir, Stephen Cyril Ettrick (Sir), 1904-1969, Elizabeth, Queen, consort of George VI, King of Great Britain, 1900-2002, George VI, King of Great Britain, 1895-1952, Theron, F B (Major), active 1942, Griffiths, W M, active 1942, Palmer, Noel Raymond, 1910-2004, Fraser, Peter (Rt Hon), 1884-1950, Graham-Brown, G F (Right Rev), active 1942, Harawira, Kahi Takimoana (Rev), -1963, Alderton, P J (Private), -1941, de Clive-Lowe, Trevor Grahame, 1900-1984, Speight, Norman Charles, 1899-1979, Twhigg, John Martin (Brigadier), 1900-1970, Tennent, Alan Arnold, 1899-1977, Henry, Prince, Duke of Gloucester, 1900-1974, Watson, Carl Nelham, 1911-1974, Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, 1882-1945, Coulston, Miles John Bowen, -1972, Pitcairn, John Gordon Lyons, 1910-1980, Comfort, Ray Douglas, 1920-2002, Inglis, Lindsay Merritt, 1894-1966, New Zealand. Army. 2nd NZEF. Divisional Cavalry Regiment, Hanton, Sydney, 1908-1986, Great Britain. Army. Long Range Desert Group. New Zealand Squadron, Lewis, Dick, active 1940, Carroll, Madeline, 1906-1987, George, Duke of Kent, 1902-1942, Joll, Lloyd, active 1942, Landry, Robert, 1913-1960, Duffield, P, active 1941, Ward, James Edward Allen, 1919-1941, Hill, Eileen, active 1941, Nash, Walter (Sir), 1882-1968, Goddard, Robert Victor (Sir), 1897-1987, Luxford, Nola, 1895-1994, Alexander of Tunis, Harold Rupert Leofric George, Viscount and 1st Earl (Field Marshal), 1891-1969, Montgomery of Alamein, Bernard Law Montgomery, Viscount, 1887-1976, 3rd NZ General Hospital (Beirut, Lebanon), New Zealand. Army. 2nd NZEF. New Zealand Medical Corps, Carter, Muriel Betty, 1910-1975, Jones, F L, active 1942, Kent, W O, active 1942, Hannah, J, active 1942, Brooke, Alan Francis, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke, 1883-1963, Wavell, Archibald Percival Wavell, 1st Earl, 1883-1950, Tracey, Owen Vincent, 1915-1941, New Zealand. Royal New Zealand Air Force, Ward, Thomas Frederick Llewellyn, 1917-, Ward, Georgina Catherine, 1914-2002, Murchison, Ian Lewis, 1911-1981, Burrell, Patricia Matilda, 1917-, Friday, William Douglas, 1917-, Bayliss, S G (Sergeant), active 1942, Lord, Stuart Victor, 1906-1988, Savage, J H (Private), active 1942, Donald, Haddon Vivian, 1917-2018, Martin, O (Driver), 1918-, August, John, 1909-1942, Russell, A (Corporal), 1905-, American Field Service, Kiwi Concert Party (1939-1945), Cooper, G S (Captain), 1911-, Robinson, C F (Lance-Corporal), 1911-, Plumtree, D R (Second Lieutenant), active 1942, Milne, J (Captain), 1920-, Hulme, Alfred Clive, 1911-1982, New Zealand. Army. 2nd NZEF. Postal Corps, World War, 1939-1945, Campaigns, Libya, Syria, Middle East, Prisoners of war, Skis and skiing, Military training, Brass bands, Military ceremonies, honours, and salutes, Syrians, Tanks (Military science), Universal carrier (Armoured military vehicle), Military engineers, Roads, Design and construction, Bridges, Anzac Day, Radio journalists, Military camps, Egypt, Locomotives, Antiaircraft artillery, Trout, Operational rations (Military supplies), Military supplies, Ambulances, Armoured vehicles, Military, Vehicles, Military, Intrenchments, Military reconnaissance, Medical care, Medals, Fighter planes, Stuka (Bombers), Mines (Military explosives), Samoa, Fiji, Tubruq, Halab, England, Gazala, Jordan, Red Sea, Amman, Deir ez Zor, Palestine, Damascus, Western Wall, Dead Sea, Marsa Matrouh, Bardia, Crete, El Alamein, Sollum, Halfaya Pass, Tura, Sidi Barrani, Tarabulus, Capuzzo, Benghazi, New York City