Streaming. An intelligence agency for an unspecified city in a hot climate. Competition entry for Auckland Architecture Association Cavalier Bremworth Awards 06

Author: Douglas, C

Date: 2011-10-20

Publisher: AUT University

Type: Creative work

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Auckland University of Technology


This competition entry for the AAA Cavalier Bremworth Awards 06 was an exploration of the use of pattern generation and interference patterns in generating operational architectural space. It sought to create strategic inefficiencies as a contribution to the capacity for imagination in the institution it housed. A in-situ cast concrete shell is proposed, which would be partitioned and filled in according to the specific needs of the agency (a sample program is given on the far right). The subtle misfitting of the heirarchical program and the concrete shell will promote mismatches and shortcuts through the hierarchy in an attempt to multiply the accidental meetings: noticing a piece of paper on someone's desk; meeting someone over the watercooler; double-bookings of meeting rooms; encounters in the corridor; one department overflowing into the next. The building is apprehended through circulation. It is not a building which shows you your place. Although local fixity may be found in the circles and niches, movement reveals the continual streaming-away of the architecture. The project built on techniques and processes I developed for my previous project "Offshore" (2004), which won a Open Category Award at the AAA Cavalier Bremworth Awards.

Subjects: Architecture, Architectural drawing, Architectural patterns, Auckland Architecture Association Cavalier Bremworth Awards

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