Strengthening responsive and reciprocal relationships in a whānau tangata centre: An action research project

Author: Clarkin-Phillips, Jeanette; Carr, Margaret

Date: 2009

Publisher: Teaching and Learning Research Initiative

Type: Report

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University of Waikato


This project came about after discussions with the general manager of the Wellington Region Free Kindergarten Association and Jeanette Clarkin-Phillips (University of Waikato) about setting up a research partnership to support the teachers at Taitoko Kindergarten in Levin. The teachers were establishing an integrated community centre (the whānau tangata centre) as part of a parent support and development initiative funded by the Ministry of Education in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Development. This initiative in Levin includes a drop-in centre for parents, parent workshops on topics of the parents’ choice, a well-resourced whānau room, facilities for infants and toddlers, school liaison visits and liaison with local health centres. The initiative at Taitoko Kindergarten is one of six pilot parent support and development projects. These pilot projects do not include any research components to evaluate the processes and outcomes for teaching and learning, or the level of engagement of the community. This Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) project, in one centre, researched these aspects of the initiative in an ongoing action research project. The parent support and development contracts are a relatively new initiative for New Zealand, and this research project was designed to provide information to guide this teaching and learning policy for future initiatives of this nature. The aim of the TLRI research project was to investigate the development of the whānau tangata centre at Taitoko Kindergarten with teaching and learning in mind.

Subjects: New Zealand, kindergarten, whānau tangata centre

Citation: ["Clarkin-Phillips, J. & Carr, M. (2006). Strengthening responsive and reciprocal relationships in a whānau tangata centre: An action research project. Commission report for Teaching & Learning Research Initiative."]

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