Confronting One's Real Self: A Benefit of Learning a Foreign Language

Author: Amano, Satoko

Date: 2007

Publisher: Holistic Education Press

Type: Journal article

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Y ou are traveling through a foreign country. You want to buy a train ticket or book a hotel room or order a meal. After realizing that you cannot make yourself understood in English, you try to string together a sentence using your limited vocabulary in the local language. You manage to somehow communicate with the aid of gestures and maybe some drawings on a notepad, but there is still the risk that you might end up taking an express train to a wrong destination, or that the meal you order may be something completely different from what you had in mind. You feel like a small child who cannot perform even a simple task, and feel frustrated and regretful. ???I should have at least tried learning basic expressions!???

Citation: ["Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice 20(1):16-18 2007"]