Transcription factors

Author: Bloksberg, LN; Bryant, C; Connett, MB; Emerson, SJ; Forster, RLS; Frost, J; Gause, K; Grigor, M; Havukkala, I; Higgins, C; Lasham, Annette; Lund, ST; Magusin, A; Phillips, J; Puthigae, S; Rottmann, WH; Veerakone, S; Westwood, C; Wood, M

Date: 2012

Type: Patent

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The invention provides polynucleotide sequences isolated from plants encoding transcription factors. Polypeptides encoded by the polynucleotides are also provided. Products and methods of use are disclosed.

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: 8110723 (US). Application number: 20090229008. Status: Published. Filed date: 07 Aug 2008. Publication/Application date: 2009"]