Kinase inhibitors, prodrug forms thereof and their use in therapy.

Author: Smaill,, JB; Patterson, AV; Lu, G-L; Lee, Ho; Ashoorzadeh, A; Anderson, RF; Wilson, WR; Denny, WA; Hsu, A; Maroz, A; Jamieson, SMF; Mowday, AM; Carlin, KM

Date: 2011-03-10

Type: Patent

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The present invention relates to pyrido[3,4-d]pyrimidine compounds of formula (I) suitable as kinase inhibitors, kinase inhibitors in prodrug form, their use in compositions and medicaments which are suitable for the treatment of diseases related to kinase activity such as cancers.

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: WO/2011/028135 A1 (International Application). Application number: PCT/NZ2010/000174. Filed date: 02 Sep 2010. Application date: 02 Sep 2010. Awarded date: 10 Mar 2011"]