Diagnostically and audibly responsive computer learning memory game and system provided therefor

Author: Dowrick, Peter

Date: 2006

Type: Patent

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A diagnostically and audibly responsive computer learning memory game works with small children and other persons in teaching them to read. Square or rectangular tiles to be uncovered are displayed upside down, concealing words to be matched with words or words to be matched with phrases or visual pictures or audible sounds, objective is to find matching cards. The computer game matches the cards or tiles with sight words that the user is learning to read from a word list. The user must remember where a correct word of the word pairs is located. The user must read word orally, if not, the computer will prompt the user with a clue (such as the beginning sound of a word) until the user answers. If nothing is heard, the user is told the answer. The system has a built-in recording of a library of selected words, phrases, pictures or audible sounds. The computer can sense that user is silent (with a default of no sound). If a wrong word is uttered, the system can remain silent or correct..

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: US Patent 7,001,183 (USA). Application number: 10/455,152. Status: Published. Awarded date: 21 Feb 2006"]

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