Marker assisted selection of a mammalian subject for desired phenotype

Author: Davis, S; Lehnert, K; Berry, SDK; Snell, Russell; Beattie, EM

Date: 2011

Type: Patent

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The present invention provides methods of genotyping mammalian subjects for desired lactoferrin phenotypes by determining the lactoferrin genotype of the subject. The invention particularly provides methods wherein the presence or absence of the T allele or the C allele at the 30126 T/C polymorphism, of the A allele or the G allele at the 7447 A/G polymorphism, or of the C allele or the G allele at the -7 G/C polymorphism in the bovine Lf gene, is associated with increased or decreased lactoferrin production or secretion, including increased or decreased milk or colostrum Lf content.

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: WO 2011/093728 A1 (New Zealand). Application number: NZ2011/000007. Status: Published. Filed date: 27 Jan 2011. Publication/Application date: 2011"]