Dielectric elastomer self-sensing using plane approximation

Author: O'Brien, BM; Gisby, TA; Anderson, IA

Date: 2011

Type: Patent

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The present invention provides a method for obtaining feedback parameters related to the state of a dielectric elastomer (DE). The method comprises introducing a small-scale oscillation to the voltage difference between electrodes of the DE, monitoring or repeatedly measuring several measurable electrical characteristics of the DE, deriving other relevant data from the measurements, deriving an equation for a plane of best fit through the relevant data when defined as orthogonal axes, and deriving the feedback parameters from coefficients of the plane equation. The method thus provides important feedback regarding the capacitance, leakage current and/or electrode resistance of the DE. Also disclosed are a computer program and a system adapted to perform the method.

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: WO 2012/053906 A1 (New Zealand). Application number: NZ2011/000214. Filed date: 18 Oct 2011."]

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