Rubric Marking "Out of the Box": Saving Time & Adding Value to Teaching & Learning

Author: Whitehead, Lesley; Sheridan, Donald; Andreas, Nina

Date: 2011

Publisher: AACE

Type: Conference item

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The University of Auckland Library


This paper describes how Goggle Docs can be used to create a rubric marking system with ???out-of-the-box??? features a simple form with radio buttons or Likert scale to record the student???s marks for each assessment item, and the total marks. Comments are optional. The data can be exported as a spread sheet that is suitable for uploading to an LMS or sending out by email to the students. In this study our hypothesis that it takes less time using rubrics was supported.. The data recorded within the Google Docs application was a ???bonus??? and analysed. The paper discusses visualisation of the rubrics using Google Analytics ???off-the-shelf??? and the possibility of further analysis such as inter-rater reliability and item response theory.

Citation: ["Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2011. AACE, Lisbon, Portugal. 391-400. 2011"]