Cellular metabolism, murine pharmacokinetics and preclinical antitumor activity of SN29966, a novel hypoxia-activated pan-HER inhibitor

Author: Patterson, Adam; Jaswail, JK; Syddall, SP; Abbattista, Maria; Van Leeuwen, W; Puryer, MA; Thompson, Aaron; Hsu, A; Mehta, Sunali; Pruijn, A; Lu, Guo-Liang; Donate, F; Denny, William; Wilson, William; Smaill, Jeffrey

Date: 2009

Type: Conference item

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Hypoxia occurs in most human tumors and is associated with diseaseprogression, resistance to conventional therapies and poor patientoutcome. Hypoxia can up-regulate HER1 by several known mechanisms,including increased mRNA translation (Franovic et al., PNAS,2007;104:13092)and delayed receptor endocytosis (Wang et al., Nat Med.,2009;15:319)

Citation: ["AACR NCI EORTC International Conference, Boston, MA, 15 Nov 2009 - 19 Nov 2009. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 8: B76. 2009"]

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