Quinoline derivatives for modulating DNA methylation.

Author: Brooke, Darby; Phiasivongsa, P; Denny, WA; Gamage, S; Bearss, DJ; Vankayalapati, H; Redkar, SG

Date: 2009

Type: Patent

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(EN)Quinoline derivatives, particularly 4-anilinoquinoline derivatives, are provided. Such quinoline derivatives can be used for modulation of DNA methylation, such as effective inhibition of methylation of cytosine at the C-5 position, for example via selective inhibition of DNA methyltransferase DNMT1. Methods for synthesizing numerous 4-anilinoquinoline derivatives and for modulating DNA methylation are provided. Also provided are methods for formulating and administering these compounds or compositions to treat conditions such as cancer and hematological disorders. (FR)Cette invention concerne des d??riv??s de quinoline, en particulier des d??riv??s de 4-anilinoquinoline. Ces d??riv??s de quinoline peuvent ??tre utilis??s dans la modulation de la m??thylation de l'ADN, par exemple dans l'inhibition effective de la m??thylation de la cytosine en position C-5, par exemple par une inhibition s??lective de l'ADN m??thyltransf??rase DNMT1. L'invention concerne par ailleurs des proc??d??s permettant de synth??tiser plusieurs d??riv??s de 4-anilinoquinoline et de moduler la m??thylation de l'ADN. L'invention concerne ??galement des proc??d??s permettant de formuler et d'administrer ces compos??s ou ces compositions pour traiter des pathologies comme le cancer et les troubles h??matologiques.

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: US Patent 7,790,746 (USA). Application number: PCT/US2008/079486. Associated authors: Denny WA, Gamage SA. Status: Published. Application date: 2008. Awarded date: 16 Apr 2009"]

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