System and method for tracking facial muscle and eye motion for computer graphics animation

Author: Sagar, Mark; Scott, R

Date: 2009

Type: Patent

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A motion tracking system enables faithful capture of subtle facial and eye motion using a surface electromyography (EMG) detection method to detect muscle movements and an electrooculogram (EOG) detection method to detect eye movements. An embodiment of the motion tracking animation system comprises a plurality of pairs of EOG electrodes adapted to be affixed to the skin surface of the performer at locations adjacent to the performer's eyes. The EOG data comprises electrical signals corresponding to eye movements of a performer during a performance. Programming instructions further provide processing of the EOG data and mapping of processed EOG data onto an animated character. As a result, the animated character will exhibit he same muscle and eye movements as the performer.

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: US 7554549 (United States). Application number: 10/984,488. Publication/Application date: 2009. Publication/Awarded date: 2009"]