Methods and compositions for increasing storage-life of fruit

Author: Atkinson, R; Schaffer, Robert; Gunaseelan, K; Schroeder, R

Date: 2010

Type: Patent

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The invention provides methods and compositions for producing plants with fruit having increased post-harvest storage life, the method comprising reducing the expression or activity in the plant, of a polypeptide with the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO: 1(Malus domestica polygalaturonase, MdPG1), or a variant of the polypeptide. The invention provides host cells, plant cells and plants transformed with the polynucleotides of the invention. The invention also provides methods for selecting plants with fruit having increased postharvest storage life. The invention also provides plants produced and selected by the methods of the invention.

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: WO 2010/024699 A1 (New Zealand). Application number: NZ2009/000182. Filed date: 28 Aug 2009. Publication/Application date: 2010"]