Inductively Powered Mobile Sensor System

Author: Malpas, Simon; Hu, AP; Budgett, David

Date: 2004-09-16

Type: Patent

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The present invention provides an inductively powered sensor system having a primary conductive path capable of being energized to provide an electromagnetic field in a defined space. An inductive power pick-up is associated with a sensor and is capable of receiving power from the field to supply the sensor. The system includes a first sensing unit to sense the power available to the pick-up and a control unit to increase or decrease the power available to the sensor dependant on the sensed power available. A method of inductively powering a sensor, an inductively powered sensor and an animal enclosure including one or more primary conductive path of an inductive power supply are also disclosed.

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: WO 2006/031133 A1 (New Zealand). Publication/Application date: 2006"]