Managing professional intellect: A review of the approach developed by Quinn, Anderson and Finkelstein, 1996.

Author: Davies, K.

Date: 2001

Type: Working or discussion paper

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Open Polytechnic


This paper reviews the article 'Managing professional intellect: Making the most of the best', by J. Quinn, P. Anderson, and S. Finkelstein, published in Harvard Business Review, March-April 1996, 71-80. The objective of the managerial approach presented by Quinn, Anderson, and Finkelstein is to leverage an organisation's professional intellect. The authors argue that this approach can give an organisation international competitive advantage. Foundational literature and theory leading to the Quinn et al. (1996) paper is traced. While the Quinn et al. approach is supported, implications for New Zealand management are discussed -- including the need to depart from the traditional management approach commonly practised in New Zealand. Research needs based on the Quinn et al. approach are also highlighted.

Subjects: Professional intellect, Competitive advantage, Intellectual network webs, Knowledge management, Intellectual capital, Human resources management, Human Resources Management

Marsden Codes: 350201

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