Exploring transition through collective biographical memory work: Considerations for parents and teachers in early childhood education

Author: Rosewarne, S.; White, E.; Wright, L.

Date: 2010

Type: Journal article

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Open Polytechnic


This paper describes our exploration of the concept of transition using the methodology of collective biographical memory work (CBMW). Through analysis of a collective group of memories across the life span, we reconceptualise transition as a discursively constructed concept that is experienced as deeply confronting. Using this methodological platform, we argue for a broader view of transition that embraces a multilayered, multifaceted and complex construction which is located in the embodied and subjectified experience of the learner and those around them. As such, transition is re-viewed as a process of uncertainty/certainty, powerlessness/powerfulness and loss/gain characterised by shifting identities rather than as a type of societal initiation ritual or rite of passage. By considering this view in the context of early childhood education discourse, we suggest that emotional/embodied aspects of transition from the perspective of the child warrant further attention. The extent to which transition plays a role in learning lies, therefore, in its constructed worth to the learner rather than to those who dictate the learning agenda.

Subjects: Transition, Collective biographical memory work CMBW), Early childhood education, Ecucation, Education

Marsden Codes: 330000