A new approach to course revision: Applying critical questions and a philosophical framework to a revision of 71254 Electronic Commerce.

Author: Natanasabapathy, P.

Date: 2005

Type: Working or discussion paper

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Open Polytechnic


This study investigates how 71254 Electronic Commerce fits in with Susan Toohey's (1999) framework of philosophical approaches and the fundamental aspects of course design. It analyses the influence of various factors on the design and delivery of the course and discusses the groundwork carried out as part of the revision for this course at The Open Polytechnic Of New Zealand. The study has enabled the author to take a holistic and systematic approach to course revision through gaining a deeper understanding of the course from a course design perspective. The knowledge gained has enabled the author to make rational strategic decisions about course enhancements, as opposed to doing ad-hoc updates that may not have enhanced student learning. Furthermore, this approach was useful for an understanding of the course's position within the institution's programmes and industry requirements, and it helped to justify the reasons for the course revision changes. While this study focuses on electronic commerce, this approach can be applied to the revision of any course and aspects of this approach could improve the course revision process.

Subjects: Course design, Information, Computing and Communication Sciences

Marsden Codes: 280000

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