Real time operating systems in a high-level language C/C++: Pitfalls and possibilities.

Author: McCall, Tony

Date: 2002

Type: Working or discussion paper

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Open Polytechnic


The process of designing a Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) can be fraught with difficulty. This research sets out to test the validity of using a high level language such as the Borland C/C++ programming language to write the RTOS Kernel and the tasks that will run with that operating system. This inductive study examines some of the major RTOS components and seeks to demonstrate how they can be coded into the C/C++ language. During that process, the problems encountered, and possible solutions, are documented. This enquiry was based on the 80x86 range of processors due to their popularity in large-scale embedded control applications.

Subjects: Real-time operating systems (RTOS), C programming language, C++ programming language, Operating Systems

Marsden Codes: 280304

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