Quantum physics and human consciousness: The status of the current debate.

Author: Jackson, P.

Date: 2002

Type: Working or discussion paper

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This paper reviews the literature on the debate about the relationship between the quantum realm and human consciousness. It starts with a brief look at quantum physics, then moves on to look at the key quantum interpretations, covering the Copenhagen Interpretation, Von Neumann's views, the neorealists, and the 'many worlds' and 'many minds' views. Key authors in the literature on the quantum-consciousness debate are then reviewed within a framework of three levels of explanation: neurological, psychological and philosophical. The various analyses are brought together by consideration of the key issues that arose during the review, where these were seen as the quantum-neuron interaction, neurons and consciousness, consciousness and the wave equation, Copenhagen versus the rest, 'many worlds' versus 'many minds', the Cartesian dichotomy, and Chalmers' hard problem. Finally, the paper finds the 'many minds' view the most viable of the views examined.

Subjects: Quantum physics, Human consciousness, Psychology

Marsden Codes: 380100

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