Enhancing learning for engineering trade learners: Augmented paper-based materials in course design.

Author: Brown, C.; Glaeser, M.; Maathuis-Smith, S.; Mersham, G. M.

Date: 2010

Type: Report

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Open Polytechnic


This project tested the feasibility of embedding augmented reality targets, which could be viewed on computers using a simple webcam, into print material for second-year apprentice engineering trade learners at the Open Polytechnic. This would enable them to see the images in 3-D form, thus improving their learning experience. With augmented reality (AR) software the real-world image is augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery that is created when a webcam or camera-like device "reads" the target embedded in a page. The second-year apprentice engineering trade learners were chosen as a "test" group because they are generally kinaesthetic learners who don't always have access to the real-life artefacts they are studying. If this project was successful, further developments could be undertaken to enable augmented targets to be viewed via cellphones. Learners who view images of artefacts on a computer screen are able to rotate and enlarge them, as well as view them from different angles.

Subjects: Augmented reality targets, Kinaesthetic learners, Proof of concept, Multimedia Programming

Marsden Codes: 280305