Navigating towards success: Supporting students on academic probation.

Author: Ross, C.

Date: 2012

Publisher: ATLAANZ

Type: Unclassified

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Open Polytechnic


This paper describes a pilot programme developed by the Learning Centre at the Open Polytechnic which targeted students placed on academic probation. Because students placed on academic probation are at a high risk of dropping out, the programme offered individualised support to these students during trimester one 2011 with the aim of helping them engage with their study and complete their courses successfully. The programme was informed by positive psychology and a strengths approach and focused on helping students clarify study goals, identify their strengths and determine how they might apply those strengths to the skills needed for successful study. Results revealed higher successful course completion rates of students who participated in the programme compared to those who did not. Students also reported high levels of satisfaction with the programme.

Subjects: Learner support, Academic probation