Post-disaster recovery: Multi-agency leadership and co-ordination

Author: Beckett, James V.; Wilkinson, Suzanne; Potangaroa, Regan

Date: 2010

Type: Conference item

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Recovery is a vital phase in an emergency management and civil defence cycle aimed towards long-term community resilience. Leadership plays a crucial role in an emergency situation, especially in the response and recovery stages. This research examines the post-disaster rural community contexts of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires to review the leadership that exists in such a complex post-disaster environment. Soft leadership and more technical, task-based management skills are combined to establish the necessary characteristics for effective disaster leadership during a post-disaster recovery. The conclusion is reached that the most effective leadership in a recovery environment combines traits targeted towards achieving the right actions with minimal delay.

Subjects: leadership, post-disaster, Australian bush fires, 129999 Built Environment and Design not elsewhere classified

Copyright: James Beckett, Suzanne Wilkinson and Regan Potangaroa