Do texture and organic matter content affect C & N dynamics in soils exposed to dry/wet cycles?

Author: Harrison-Kirk, Tina; Beare, M.; Condron, Leo M.

Publisher: Lincoln University & Plant and Food Research, Lincoln, Canterbury

Type: Conference Contribution - Published

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Lincoln University


Previous studies have reported both enhanced and reduced C and N cycling when soils of different compositions are exposed to repeated wet/dry cycles. The factors that determine the different responses are poorly understood. The objectives of this study were to determine how soil texture and organic matter content affect short-term C and N dynamics and the production of CO₂ and N₂O over a series drying and rewetting cycles, and then to use CO₂ and N₂O produced at constant moisture contents to calculate production during dry/wet cycles and compare this to actual production.

Subjects: N dynamics, C dynamics, dry/wet cycles, organic matter content, soil texture

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