Mapping Medieval and Modern Chauvinism in England

Author: Fielding, David

Date: 2014-10

Publisher: University of Otago

Type: Working or discussion paper

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University of Otago


There is evidence for the long-run persistence of geographical variation in tolerance towards other ethnicities. However, existing studies of tolerance use data from countries with long-standing patterns of ethnic diversity, so it is unclear whether the inter-generational transmission is in attitudes towards specific ethnic groups or in an underlying cultural trait of which such attitudes are just one expression. This paper presents evidence for the latter, identifying geographical variation in the intensity of anti-immigrant sentiment in England that has persisted over eight centuries, spans the arrival and departure of different immigrant groups, and is correlated with authoritarianism.

Subjects: minorities, Immigration, Anti-Semitism, Prejudice

Citation: ["Fielding, D. (2014). Mapping Medieval and Modern Chauvinism in England (Economics Discussion Papers Series No. 1409). University of Otago. Retrieved from"]

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