Information literacy curriculum & assessment: Implications for schools from New Zealand.

Author: Brown, Gavin

Date: 1999

Publisher: Centre for Information Studies - Charles Sturt University

Type: Book item

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The development of the ???information society??? or ???information age??? creates a global context for instruction in information skills. Ensuring that students have skills in handling, understanding, and producing information is increasingly considered a vital educational goal. This chapter reviews the literature on information literacy, focusing on the common elements and aspects of information skills sequences and components. The New Zealand curriculum, resource, and research scene relevant to information skills is reviewed and evaluated against international trends. Present trends and developments in the assessment and measurement of information skills are reviewed. Possible implications for the information literate school are examined.

Citation: ["In The information literate school community: Best practice.. Editors: Henri J, Bonanno K. 55-74. Centre for Information Studies - Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia 1999"]