The use of the balanced scorecard to enhance performance culture in a New Zealand information technology organisation.

Author: Du Plessis, Andries; Tachiwona, G.; Sukumaran, Sukesh; Marriott, Jeff

Date: 2014

Publisher: Southern African Institute for Management Scientists

Type: Conference paper

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This paper shed light on how managers can use the balanced scorecard to transform low performing information technology service teams into highly productive and profitable units that meet customer service expectations. Two research questions are answered: what were the major drivers of low business performance, and how were they addressed? How did managers get the necessary buy-in from employees for the balanced scorecard to be successful? An exploratory research was executed covering three years of the balanced scorecard implementation in a New Zealand Information Technology Service Organisation interviewing managers, employees and a customer director. Some findings are: a lack of process and management leadership; communication was poor; relationships between engineers, managers, Medicare and NZIS were also tensed and distrustful. Some recommendations are made and the conclusions form the last part of the paper.

Subjects: information technology organisations, teams, balanced scorecard, human resources management (HRM), development, leadership, 150305 Human Resources Management

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