The roles, goals and activities of employers and HR practitioners in New Zealand for organisations to be successful and competitive: empirical evidence from a longitudinal study

Author: Du Plessis, Andries; Fourie, Leon; Nel, Pieter

Date: 2013

Publisher: Global Business and Technology Association (GBATA) is publishing partner with EBSCO Publishing.

Type: Conference paper

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This research considers the role, activities and contribution of HR and managers in six closely related themes that should be addressed to maintain high workplace productivity in a complex business environment in which there are many competing interests. Previously a reward approach was simple with two main streams pay and benefits. In New Zealand HR practitioners have been exposed to global competition creating the need for their roles, goals and activities to be recognised in adding value in organisations to be successful. The outcomes of this research shed light on when is an employer an employer of choice, employee empowerment, employee engagement, rewards based on individual and the whole organisation's performance including the remuneration component that is a reward system classifiable into monetary- and in-kind payments. Recommendations and the conclusion form the last two sections.

Subjects: organisational effectiveness, longitudinal studies, human resources management (HRM), HR practitioners, employment conditions, 150305 Human Resources Management

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