Closing the generation gap : Using co-design with children to encourage sustainable practice in the built environment.

Author: Wake, Sue

Date: 2013

Publisher: Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

Type: Conference paper

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This paper explores the potential for children to learn about sustainability and feel empowered by involvement in the design and construction of the built environment they inhabit, especially schools. This paper concludes that the educational and social value of involving children in a sustainability-focused design process far outweighs the perceived costs of increased time and therefore budget. If current practitioners are to pass on a legacy of building sustainably they need to begin sharing their knowledge now with tomorrow's generation. It is also suggested that method details and types of participation are less important than 'giving it a go', as long as it is clear to the children what their involvement is. In reciprocation for designers, during the process their own practice may be broadened and enriched.

Subjects: children, co-design, participation, sustainable learning, school buildings, 130105 Primary Education (excl. Māori), 120104 Architectural Science and Technology (incl. Acoustics, Lighting, Structure and Ecologically Sustainable Design)

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