Suggestion system as an HRM tool to be successful in organisations : some empirical evidence in New Zealand.

Author: Du Plessis, Andries; Marx, A. E.; Botha, Christoff J.

Date: 2014

Publisher: Southern African Institute for Management Scientists

Type: Conference paper

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Employees have ideas and will not submit it if the environment is not supportive. A suggestion system is as a formal procedure encouraging employees to think creatively about their work and environment to produce ideas. HRM should be creative and innovative and use any possible tool that contributes to their survival or success. The suggestion system is an undervalued tool. The success of it depends on management's commitment and involvement, proper policies, procedures and rules, an affective administration and processing process, objective evaluation of ideas and a fair recognition or rewarding system. Research executed through a qualitative approach in organisations in New Zealand resulted in a 100% response rate. Training and involving employees in the value of the system helps to be effective in using suggestion systems. Software should be used to administer and to manage the process effectively and efficiently. A flow chart was developed by the authors to assist with the use of the system.

Subjects: suggestion systems, rewards, feedback, employees, 150305 Human Resources Management

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