The loop model : modeling consumer interactivity in campaigns coupling simultaneous media

Author: Davis, Robert

Date: 2013

Publisher: American Academy of Advertising

Type: Conference paper

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Based on the responses of 506 consumers, this research models the consumers’ experience of interactivity when interacting with campaigns simultaneously coupling the ubiquitous mobile channel with other channels of response. In Study 1 (RQ1) support was found using structural equation modeling (SEM) for the conceptual model that related the consumers’ experience of interactivity with channel purchase and usage. In Study 2 (RQ2) the significance was assessed of alternative simultaneous channel couplings with purchase frequency. Support was found for up to 5 channel configurations but only when combined with the Internet, mobile and/or television media. The research implications are discussed.

Subjects: marketing, interactivity, conceptual model, campaign effectiveness, 150505 Marketing Research Methodology

Copyright: American Academy of Advertising